Why Play Book


About my Book


The idea for this book came from reflecting back on my 36 years of life, the family I have, the friendships I have had and all of my experiences working in my educational career and helping others. Through these experiences I have recognized that there are no two people who learn alike.

In this book, I describe what “play” really means, the importance of promoting play, the types of play, play theorists and psychologists (including Partens, Freud, Vygotsk, Piaget) learning styles, how play helps children who have special needs, and outdoor play amongst many more fascinating topics. My book is a valuable resource for parents, educators and anyone who is interested in the topic. It includes parent objectives and pages where the reader can jot down thoughts, ideas or what the next family activity may be.

Recently there has been a lot of focus on teaching the next generation everything they need to know. What is possibly detrimental is the approach that some educational systems take pushing children to learn at a very fast pace when they are not developmentally ready.