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Creativity is a function of spontaneous joy, curiosity and effortless experimentation - that is to say, PLAY.

Much of our lives are structured with pre-set agendas - in other words effort. WHY PLAY is a comprehensive and readable volume on the undeniable value of play in our lives.

This book demonstrates the developmental, cognitive, emotional roles of play in our growth and throughout our lives. It incorporates the concepts of prominent theorists as well. Finally, many testimonials of play in peoples lives are included.

Play is an essential element in becoming fully human.

WHY PLAY is a must read for teachers, psychotherapists, parents and children of all ages.

Susan Feinbloom L.C.S.W.
Susan FeinbloomL.C.S.W.
Christopher Pancoast’s Why Play? studies the broad history and diversity of early childhood educational theory and practice.  He compares the relative effectiveness of traditional classroom teaching to that of numerous more playful, open and flexible learning environments developed over the last century by educators seeking to engage a child’s natural curiosity and spontaneous creativity observed as they seek to comprehend a world full of diversity and challenge.  Excellent review of options for children of all ages.
E.S. Pancoast, Architect
E.S. PancoastArchitect
As an educator and child advocate, Chris Pancoast deftly explores the role of play in stimulating both creative problem solving and improved social relationships for children in his book: Why Play? It is a must read!
Jude Gardner, RNMSN   Family and Child Therapist
Jude Gardner, RNMSN Family and Child Therapist